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Hi, I'm Barret

Developer, Azure Architect, Speaker, Teacher, MVP

I wear many hats. Father, husband, Microsoft MVP, developer, Azure Solutions Architect, gamer, blogger, speaker, teacher, mentor, model railroader, Buckeyes fan, and more. I’ve been blessed greatly by this industry, and so this site is one way I try to give a little bit back. When I can find the time, I add a bit of my coding knowledge and experience to share with whoever might find it of worth.


If you are a student or someone in a different career field and looking to move into software development, I am happy to provide what time I can spare to speak with you 1 on 1 and provide what guidance or insight I can. You can schedule time with me on my Calendly.


Looking for someone speak on your podcast, video, user group, conference, or company? Here's a few of my current sessions. Contact me to set up a time.


I am a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications. I specialize in the Power Platform, especially Power Automate. Get in touch to see how I can help you out.

Latest Posts

  • Copilot for Power Automate

    Tis the season of copilots! Everybody gets a copilot! No, not that kind of copilot. I’m talking about the kind of copilot that runs off of AI and helps you to do some kind of task. You know, all the copilots that Microsoft has recently announced that are getting added […]

  • Slides from CincyDeliver

    For those who attended my talk on Soft Skills for Developers at CincyDeliver last Friday, here’s the slide deck. When I get some spare time, I plan to rework the talk a little and record it for YouTube, but that’s a few weeks off.

  • My Favorite Podcasts & Video Channels for 2023

    Every so often I update my list of favorite podcasts and video channels. These are the places I go to for learning and entertainment. It’s especially great to listen to while I’m driving since anymore radio is a desolate wasteland of 40 minutes of ads and 20 minutes of content […]

  • Rockin’ the Code World with Me!

    Just in case you missed the live interview with me on Rockin’ the Code World, you can watch it below. Get the details here.

  • Using C# and Power Automate To Sync An Outlook Calendar

    There are some good tools out there for syncing your Outlook calendar to other calendars, especially for O365 or Outlook.com calendars. And they’re well worth the money for the good ones. But sometimes, in certain circumstances (such as if you have an on-prem exchange server that you can’t access from […]

  • Automatically Adding Travel Time To Your Calendar

    Even in this world of video meetings on Teams, Zoom, or wherever, there are still occasions when you need to travel to an onsite meeting somewhere. In these cases, it can be useful to automatically block out travel time before and after to ensure that your calendar reflects when you’re […]

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