Community Summit 2021 Demos


Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

I delivered two presentations at Community Summit NA 2021. As part of that, I provided a number of demos. Below you can find some of the flows I used in my presentation. None of them are all that complicated, but could be used as simple starter templates.

Power Automate for Dynamics Users

Posting a Blog Post to Twitter and LinkedIn

This demonstrates how to watch an RSS feed for new blog posts and post messages to Twitter and LinkedIn with links to the post.

Performance Review Demo

This one is triggered when a Microsoft Forms form is submitted. It pulls the data out and uses it to populate a Word template, then email it to someone.

Email on Three Matching Cases Demo

This monitors cases in D365, watching for trends of three matching cases that need to be escalated for higher level response.

AI Builder: Adding Some Intelligence to Power Automate

OCR: Recognize Text In an Image

This demonstrates how to extract text from an image or PDF file.

Language Identification Analysis

This demo will allow you to identify the language of a piece of text.

Sentiment Analysis

This demo was created to show a simple example of analyzing the positive and negative sentiment in a block of text.

Classification Categories

Analyze a block of text to determine if it belongs to a particular category such as complaint or customer service request.

Key Phrase Extraction

Analyze a block of text to pull out key phrases and words. Useful for creating indexes for your text.

Identity Reader

Pull key information out of an image of a document, such as a driver’s license or passport.

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