My Favorite Podcasts & Video Channels for 2023


Every so often I update my list of favorite podcasts and video channels. These are the places I go to for learning and entertainment. It’s especially great to listen to while I’m driving since anymore radio is a desolate wasteland of 40 minutes of ads and 20 minutes of content most hours. But I also like to listen while I code, or work in the garage, or whatever it is that I’m doing at the moment.

New for 2023

Here’s some of the newer podcasts that I listen to that I haven’t mentioned previously.


Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes interviewing various celebs and famous people about the lives and careers. They’ve had a huge number of guests and I’m still working through some of the older archives and listening to them. But most of the shows are incredibly fascinating listens.

Take a Listen

Inside of You

Michael Rosenbaum has a long-running podcast where he talks with all kinds of people about their lives and careers. But he also talks a great deal about mental health issues and how people deal with the things they struggle with in their lives. It’s often an inspirational listen. I especially encourage you to take a listen to the Wil Wheaton episode. That’s been my favorite by far to this point.

Hear him

Virtual Coffee

Interviews with developers are various stages in their career paths, from newbies to long-term veterans. Always a good listen for anyone in tech.

Sound on

Rockin’ the Code World with dotNetDave

Part of the C# Corner world, this live show features interviews with all the best people in the Microsoft tech world, including me!

Catch the YouTube channel

Check out my episode

Christian Buckley

Christian has a lot of great videos on YouTube. But one of the things he does is interview Microsoft MVPs, including me!

Christian’s YouTube channel

My episode

Microsoft Power Platform YouTube Channel

Microsoft’s official channel for the Power Platform. A fantastic array of videos on Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps and all the other Power Platform goodness you could want.

Go watch

Previous Favorites

I still listen to or watch these, but I’ve mentioned them before.


This one continues to be one of my all-time favorites. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are two of the superstars of the .NET world and continuously provide a steady stream of the greatest minds in the industry as their guests.

Check it out

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

You either like Conan O’Brien or you don’t. He’s not for everyone and I’m not always in the mood for his brand of humor. But sometimes it really just hits the spot.

Check it out

Adventures in .NET

These guys provide some consistently insightful looks into the .NET and related world. And I was a guest on their podcast as well talking about Power Automate.

Check them out

Check out my episode

The 6 Figure Developer

Another podcast that I had the pleasure to be a guest on. They cover a wide gamut of developer topics and don’t focus on one particular space like some others. They also have some great guests, lots of of them waaaaaay better than me!

Take a listen

Check out my episode

Levar Burton Reads

There’s nothing better than listening to Levar Burton read some truly great sci-fi/fantasy short fiction stories.

Go there right now

April Dunham

One of my favorite YouTube channels, April provides vast amounts of knowledge on the Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, and more.

Give April a watch

Code with Ania Kubów

I haven’t found a better source on YouTube for JavaScript tutorials. She makes it fun and interesting to learn.

Go and watch

Guidance Counselor 2.0

Taylor Desseyn is a recruiter based out of Nashville who focuses on remote jobs. But several times a week, usually at 10:30 AM Eastern time, he hosts a live show on LinkedIn with various guests (including me a few months ago) to talk about all kinds of topics across the tech industry. He focuses on the “soft skills” like hiring, interviewing, balance, job-finding, mental health, and so on. A lot of those live shows get put out later in podcast version.

Watch the live shows on LinkedIn

Check the podcasts

Listen to my episode

The History Guy

I love history, both real history and alternate history fiction. But The History Guy makes real history truly interesting, often covering lesser-known topics of history “that deserves to be remembered”.

Watch here

BBC Friday Night Comedy

From the days of my youth watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus on late-night PBS television, I have been a fan of British entertainment. FNC provides a good rotating set of some of their best BBC 4 Radio shows each Friday. Some of it obviously deals with the politics of the UK and thus I don’t follow, but there’s a lot that doesn’t and it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Take a listen

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

The best of the NPR Saturday shows, it’s funny and they have some great guests. Though in the recent couple of years there has been a lot of rehashing “best of” shows. Still good, though.

Listen here

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