Deploy Database Updates With FluentMigrator and VSTS

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 by Barret libraries, FluentMigrator, database, deployment

One extremely handy open source library for .NET developers is FluentMigrator. This package allows you to script out your database changes as C# classes. The concept is similar to the code first migrations of EntityFramework, but allows you a bit more fine tuned control over deployments and doesn’t tie you to any specific ORM or other database interaction model. For example, it’s easy to control which environments the updates go to with tagging.

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Deploy To A Private NuGet Feed From VSTS

Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 by Barret Azure, DevOps, NuGet

If you work with multiple related projects that exist in separate solutions, one of the more useful features of Visual Studio Team Services is the ability to easily implement private NuGet feeds. This service lets you keep development of various pieces more separate and yet still make it easy to integrate your private libraries into your other applications. Create Your Feed The first step is to create your private feed. Go in to VSTS and open the project that you want put into a feed.

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My Go-To Visual Studio Extensions

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 by Barret Visual Studio, extensions, ReSharper, OzCode, Task Runner, PowerShell

There are a number of extensions for Visual Studio that I always keep installed. Time and again they’ve proven their value for me. Maybe they can do the same for you. I haven’t made the full transition from VS2015 to VS2017 as i use 2015 at work and 2017 at home. Some of these have different versions between the two VS versions. The links below are all to the 2015 versions in those cases.

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Running a Regularly Scheduled Task with Azure Functions

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017 by Barret Azure, Azure Functions, scheduled tasks

One of the more recent features of cloud computing is what’s called “serverless computing”. There are a number of different ways in which it is implemented, but for the most part it’s just a way to set up a code function to be able to run without needing to create an entire application and all it’s resources. One of my favorite ways to utilize this feature in Azure apps is to use the functions to kick off nightly maintenance jobs.

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VSTS Deployment with Azure App Service Deployment Slots

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017 by Barret Azure, deployment, deployment slots, VSTS

Utilizing Azure Application Deployment Slots with the Visual Studio Team Services build and deployment system is quite simple. Set Up Deployment Slots The first step is to create your deployment slots for your application. You do this in your Azure Portal. Open the dashboard to your App Service application’s options. About halfway down the menu options that appear for your app you will see “Deployment slots”. Select this option. Click “Add Slot” and give your deployment slot a name.

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Deploying Service Fabric App with VSTS

Saturday, Nov 4, 2017 by Barret Azure, DevOps, Service Fabric, deployment

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) makes it incredibly easy to deploy Azure Service Fabric applications to your Service Fabric clusters as part of a continuous integration process. There’s just a few easy steps to get it set up and running. Setup Your Service Endpoint VSTS Endpoint Connection Start with setting up your service endpoint. This will connect your VSTS instance to your Azure Service Fabric. In order to make the connection, you’ll need to use the same security you use to connect to your cluster endpoint.

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My Favorite Podcasts

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017 by Barret podcasts

As developers, we need to receive frequent knowledge downloads from other sources to enhance our skillsets and help us think in new ways. There are all kinds of sources where this can come from: online training, YouTube, Pluralsight, books, classes, and so on. One of my favorite ways to help me think new thoughts are podcasts. What follows is a list of my favorite podcasts, the ones that I listen to on a regular basis.

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Avoid Burnout: Take Time To Unplug

Saturday, Oct 28, 2017 by Barret life, burnout, unplug

One of the biggest struggles that developers face is burnout. I’ve seen it happen time and time and time again. We do too much. We work 40, 50, 60 or more hours a week in an office doing development work, then come home and spend another 20, 30 or more hours at home working on our personal projects or side clients. Add to all that the various levels of personal commitments we might outside of development, be it family, church, charity work, and so forth.

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The Worthlessness of Project Estimates: Why We Still Do Them

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017 by Barret productivity, estimates

Whether we are developers, project managers, business analysts, stakeholders or anyone else involved in the software development process, we all know that estimates for software development are always wrong: ALWAYS. I have never once been involved in a software project that met it’s estimates or even came close. Sometimes we get the job done earlier than estimated, but usually it runs over. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

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What I do as a developer

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017 by Barret life, developer

A lot of people ask me what I do as a developer. Well, it’s pretty simple. I convert marketing promises (more commonly referred to by developers as lies and bullshit) into applications (referred to by developers as see the amazing creation of perfection I have created that somewhat resembles the lies marketing told but is in every way better than their promises anyway). See, it’s simple!

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