Turning Any JSON API Into An App

The Internet is fantastic. There are a seemingly infinite array of APIs available for people to use. Many of them are completely free and open to use in pretty much any way you want to. For example, NASA has a wide variety of things available through its public API. I … Read more

Advent of Code 2022

I’m participating in the Advent of Code again this year. We’ll see if I get further than I did last year, which was about halfway before I quit. You can follow my progress in my GitHub repo over here. As usual, my solutions are written in C#. BarretHusband, father, gamer, … Read more

C# Advent 2021 – Using C# Code in Power Automate

Power Automate has a fantastic feature in preview that lets you add some C# code to your flows. It requires using a custom connector, so it’s limited to those with a license that allows that. There are also a number of other limitations which I’ll get into later. But it’s a start.

Advent of Code – Day 12

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels I’m participating in the Advent of Code 2021. Here’s my solutions for Day 12 – Passage Pathing. Problem 1 The Puzzles for Day 12 are a pathing problem. We are finding our way through a cave system. The system has a start point, and … Read more