Microsoft Flow: Converting Feed Categories to Hashtags

In a number of previous posts starting with this one, I’ve covered ways to use Microsoft Flow to post to to your Twitter and LinkedIn feeds when you publish a blog post. One thing I haven’t covered in those posts is doing something with your categories. This time, we’ll walk through adding steps to our flow to convert the categories from our blog post into hashtags for our Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

UPDATE: Microsoft Flow: Posting to LinkedIn

In a previous post, I showed how to post to LinkedIn about a blog post. The connector available at that time used V1 of the LinkedIn API. That version no longer works. Thankfully, Flow already has added support for the LinkedIn V2 API, and it’s a simple swap of steps to replace V2 for V1.

Using Microsoft Flow to Promote A New Ghost Blogging Platform Post

A growing number of people seem to be using Instagram as their primary social media platform. It works well and is quite simple, without a lot of the extra baggage that Facebook and other platforms add. So long as your primary content is image based, it’s great at what it does. In this post, I’m going to be covering a couple of excellent ways to get started with integrating Microsoft Flow with Instagram.