Did You Know? Automating a Daily Factoid

Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021 by Barret Power Automate, flow, content

Final post for the year. Returning once more to Power Automate. This time we’re automating the posting of a random factoid from a spreadsheet to social media. This is similar to the other post I made that posts a random blog post from the archives. Creating Our Trigger We’ll start by creating a scheduled flow. How often you post will depend on how many items you have to select from. You want to avoid posting the same thing frequently, at least in my opinion anyway.

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From the Archives - Re-posting Old Blog Posts

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021 by Barret Power Automate, flow, content

Photo by Lara Jameson from Pexels Once you’ve built up some content, one of the ways to keep your social media presence more active is to re-share your older blog posts. For long time followers, it can remind them of previous content. And it can help bring in new followers who didn’t see that content previously. If you’ve got a blog with an RSS feed that includes all of your content, then picking one at random to re-share is easy to accomplish with Power Automate.

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